IEP inter-car cable resolution

Agreement has been reached on a solution to making safe the inter-car connectors on Hitachi Class 80x fleets introduced by GWR, LNER, TransPennine Express and Hull Trains.

All four operators have fleets of EMUs or bi-modes in service, but the Office of Rail and Road approved the fleets’ use on the condition a solution was agreed regarding the inter-car cables between vehicles, with concerns their positioning could create a ladder which trespassers might climb. The solution will see the cables made longer, meaning there will be an inter-car connection at the top and the bottom but without the appearance of a ladder, with signage also applied to discourage climbing. ORR reports it has agreed a realistic timescale with manufacturer Hitachi and the operators for the modifications to be made, meaning the work can be undertaken during planned maintenance rather than requiring trains to be taken out of service specially.