Angel and Go-Ahead reimagine train interiors

Perch seats could provide more space for working in future train interiors.

Train leasing company Angel Trains and operator Go-Ahead have released images showing how train interiors could look in the future, with a strong focus on flexibility. Seymourpowell has helped draw up the concepts. 

The illustrations are purely conceptual and don’t reflect any particular train type – but do show what future interiors could look like. 

Among possibilities illustrated are sliding armrests which allow seats to be switched from individual seats to communal benches for family groups. Neighbouring seats could also be folded down at times of low demand to provide additional surfaces for passengers’ belongings such as laptops or food and drink.

Secure cabinets for folding bicycles and vertical racks at the end of carriages able to hold full-size bicycles are also options. Permanent hand sanitiser dispensers, antimicrobial finishes and touchless doors could address post-Covid hygiene concerns, while displays will show passengers where seats are available.

In some carriages, perch seats and benches could create extra space for passengers to plug in and work on electronic devices.

Go-Ahead Chief Strategy and Customer Officer Katy Taylor says travel habits are changing and that morning rush hour demand is likely to fall. She adds that leisure travel is likely to increase, and that more passengers will arrive at stations by bicycle, and expect them to be accommodated on trains.

An impression of future train interiors