A MULTI-DISCIPLINARY planning, economics, environmental and engineering team led by Arup has been appointed to work in partnership with East West Rail Company (EWR Co) to support early works, with the aim being that the project can make rapid progress once a decision is made on the preferred route for the Bedford to Cambridge section. A new build railway is required on this stretch of the Oxford-Cambridge-Ipswich project as the original railway was dismantled after closure in the 1960s. This central section was recently designated a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project by the UK government, which means that following consultation, EWR Co will be able to apply for a Development Consent Order (DCO) to authorise the project.

Once the preferred route has been selected, the Arup-led consortium will support EWR Co with a range of work including critical route alignment design and assessment, public consultation work and factual studies to inform strategic decision-making.