Driver input sought in DAS research

Train drivers are being asked to support a survey into their use of Driver Advisory Systems (DAS).

The views of those who use DAS in Britain, including drivers and driver-competent managers, are sought for a university Masters research project which is part of the Chartered Institution of Railway Operators’ (CIRO) academic programme.

DAS users are being asked what influences them to follow the advice of DAS, and what they perceive as the benefits or risks are of DAS. Previous academic research has been focused on improving the algorithms, and the DAS benefits of energy reduction and improved operational performance. But those benefits rely on adoption of DAS by users, and this user focus has not been researched previously.

Run through Glasgow Caledonian University, the Masters research project hopes to identify why drivers do or do not follow the advice of DAS, focusing on users.

The researcher is Martin Ward, who has been competent as a train driver for more than 20 years. He said: ‘Previous research has focused on the system’s benefits but ignored the individual user benefits or risks. To gain the maximum advantages from DAS, it’s important to get as many users as possible using DAS as much of the time. This research is aimed at understanding why someone does or doesn’t follow DAS, what would encourage them to follow it more, and what the benefits are to them as a driver.’

The survey is available until Saturday 23 July 2022 and can be found at: