Eastern promise as operators rewarded


New order on the Eastern: on 11 December 2020 Greater Anglia introduced the last of its 38 Stadler Flirts into traffic. No 745008 (centre) rolls to a halt at Ipswich with the 14.30 Liverpool Street to Norwich, while at left No 745002 is working the 15.00 ex-Norwich. At right is a Class 321 terminating on a service from Liverpool Street. GA won Golden Whistles for both its inter-city and commuter services.
Antony Guppy

2020 – what a year. Its challenges need little further exposition here. But what of the impact on railway operators?

On many parts of the network performance improved significantly over the course of the year. This can be attributed to a number of factors, chiefly the significant reduction in passenger numbers and reduction in timetables which eased congestion on parts of the network.

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