First ‘365s’ sent for scrap

Scrapping of the 40-strong Class 365 EMU fleet began on 30 September, when Nos 365501/511 were moved to Booths at Rotherham. They were followed on 5 October by Nos 365505/537, which were moved from storage to Sims at Newport.

Eversholt Rail, which owns the fleet, declined to confirm how many units would be sent for scrap. A spokesperson said: ‘We are actively re-marketing the “365” fleet, but if there are no takers we shall not be storing the fleet indefinitely’.

The ‘365s’ were most recently used by Govia Thameslink Railway on its Great Northern services out of King’s Cross. While GTR had 21 units, latterly these were only used as ‘peak-busters’ and they were withdrawn at the May timetable change. The other 19 units were already in store, having been withdrawn by GTR when Class 700s were introduced on Thameslink services, although 10 were temporarily used by ScotRail while issues with the windscreens on that operator’s new Class 385 EMUs were resolved.

Ownership of the ‘365’ fleet transferred back to Eversholt Rail on 1 July, having reverted in 2019 to DfT subsidiary Train Fleet (2019) Ltd.