HS2 – get behind the Andyplan

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There is no point arguing the toss on HS2 at the moment, cheapest is the only answer. The future is Handsacred; this must not stand

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Ian Walmsley ianw1@sky.com

Places you have never heard of become bywords for disaster after tragedy has struck.

Such may be the fate of Handsacre Junction, which is the evidence the slaughter of HS2 has only one aim, which is to cut the cost to a minimum with no consideration of benefits.

The word is that the redesign of the junction where HS2 joins Network Rail infrastructure will cost £500 million. The non-flying junction to the slow lines, introduced when Phase 2a was proposed to be built earlier to Crewe, will cut capacity, but the physical work will be cheaper.

HS2 is the victim of a cost/ cost review. While I’m happy the likes of Christian Wolmar and Lord Berkeley got their pay-off of a few discounted bus fares and a roundabout in Surbiton, we all know the big replacement plans are not plans at all. Why would the Government pay for projects which offer a worse return? The answer would be because they offer a better political return, but to get that you don’t have to do them, just promise them. An attractive lie is better than the ugly truth.

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