Legacy Glasgow Subway fleet bows out

Out of service: A Glasgow Subway train at West Street. Philip Sherratt

The second generation Glasgow Subway fleet was withdrawn from service on 28 June, with the new Stadler fleet now operating all Subway services.

The Metro-Cammell trains were first introduced in April 1980 as part of the system’s last modernisation. 33 carriages were introduced following a three-year shutdown of the Subway for the modernisation, with eight additional centre carriages built in 1992 to make all trains three carriages long. The final journeys for the legacy stock were overseen by two long-serving members of staff – Julie Baker, who has 42 years’ service with Strathclyde Partnership for Transport, and Eileen MacPhail, who has been with SPT for 27 years. One carriage from the legacy fleet has been donated to the Riverside Museum in Glasgow, where it is already on display.