Norwood Junction plans published

NETWORK RAIL has held a series of consultations with local residents about the upgrading of Norwood Junction station planned for 2023-24, as the first stage of the Croydon Area Remodelling Scheme (p64, December 2018 issue). Under CARS, tracks will be altered so that there are two fast lines without platforms in the centre of the layout and two island platforms on either side. The plans see the subway, which has narrow staircases to the platforms that get overcrowded at peak times, closed to the public and replaced by an overbridge with Access for All facilities. The main entrance to the station, on the western side, will be upgraded.

At present platform 1, adjacent to this entrance, is the only one with level access. The track serving platform 1 is double-sided and at present trains open their doors on the platform 1 side, but after the Access for All changes the doors will open on the platform 2 side and platform 1 will be reserved for passenger facilities.

The cramped eastern entrance to the station will be expanded, with more ticket gates. The current through goods line on the eastern side of the layout will be upgraded to passenger status and the current platform 6 will become a double-sided island. The current island on which platforms 4 and 5 are situated will be demolished.

On the wider CARS project, following consultation responses Network Rail is reviewing the path of down East Grinstead services, the only service group not to benefit from grade separation in the published plans. South of Thornton Heath, down East Grinsteads tack across the Up Victoria Slow on the flat from the Down Fast to the Down Slow.