RAIB probes Lumo overspeed

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch is examining why a Lumo Class 803 train exceeded the speed limit of three sets of points near Peterborough station by around 50mph on 17 April.

At around 10.20, the 08.20 Newcastle-King’s Cross passed over three sets of points at the north end of Peterborough station at 75mph. The maximum permitted speed for the points was 25mph.

Some passengers were thrown from their seats as the train lurched over the points and luggage fell from overhead storage, injuring other passengers. The train – which did not derail or damage infrastructure – stopped beyond the south end of Peterborough station.

It had not been due to stop at Peterborough and had approached on the fast line before being routed onto a slower line via the points where the overspeed occurred. The route onto the slow lines was being displayed on the signal which protected the points.

Investigators will examine the way in which the train was driven, any factors which might have influenced the actions of the train driver, the condition of the signalling system, nature of reported injuries and any underlying management factors.