ScotRail offers half-price off-peak fares – for a limited time

A ScotRail Inter7City High Speed Train at Glasgow Queen Street

ScotRail is to cut all off-peak fares between any two stations in Scotland on Mondays to Fridays for a limited period in a bid to encourage passengers back to rail.

Passengers can book discounted tickets online between 9 May and 15 May, with outward travel between 9 and 31 May and all return travel to be completed by 30 June. ScotRail’s Kids for a Quid offer can be used in conjunction with it, allowing up to four children to travel for £1 return each with each adult.

Fares cited by the operator include Inverness-Aberdeen for £23.85 return, while Super Off-Peak Day Returns are available at specific times on selected service. A same day return between Glasgow and Edinburgh could cost as little as £5.20.

The initiative was planned to take place in January but was postponed due to the Omicron variant of Covid-19.

Scottish Rail Holdings (ScotRail’s parent company) Chief Executive Chris Gibb said: ‘This fares offer, backed by the Scottish Government, is one of several initiatives ScotRail have been working on for delivery in the coming months to encourage people back on to our trains. By opening up this offer to all weekday off-peak travel across Scotland, passengers across the length and breadth of the country will be able to benefit from savings on the cost of public transport. 

‘The Scottish Government appreciates this is a short term offer – that’s one of the reasons why it has committed to a fair fares review, which will consider public transport across differing modes and which will also look at affordability. Public ownership of ScotRail means delivering a service which listens and responds to passenger need – we will continue to work together to develop further initiatives with longer term benefits that make rail a better choice as we work towards our ambitious Net Zero targets.’