Spaven steps down


DAVID SPAVEN has retired from the Rail Freight Group, where he has been Scottish representative.

RFG retirement: David Spaven.

Mr Spaven has spent his working life in and around the rail industry, having first been employed on the Far North line in his university holidays in 1973 and later working for 18 years full-time for British Rail in freight marketing management, initially with Freightliner in London then as Speedlink Coal Marketing & Contracts Manager in Glasgow.

He left BR in 1993 to work as a rail consultant, currently with his own business, Deltix Transport Consulting. He was also heavily involved in the campaign to reopen the Borders Railway and later in his career became a rail author, with eight books published to date.

He is now putting the finishing touches to his next book – Lost branch lines of Scotland: Beeching’s blind spot and his cruellest cuts.