Stadler completes first ’93’ body

The first Class 93 bodyshell at Stadler's Valencia factory. STADLER

Swiss train builder Stadler has completed the body of the first Class 93 tri-mode locomotive for Rail Operations Group. 

The 30 locomotives will be capable of running on 25kV AC overhead power, and also feature a Stage V 900kW diesel engine and two Lithium Titanate Oxide (LTO) battery packs providing up to 400kW of additional power to support the locomotives when running under diesel power. 

Based on the Class 68 and 88 locomotives, the ‘93s’ will be able to run at a higher speed of 110mph compared to the previous designs’ 100mph. Coupling will be via conventional drawhooks or automatic couplings. 

With the body now complete, assembly of all components and sub-systems will begin, with the completed machine expected to move to the UK in March 2023 and enter service later that year following testing.