Stadler to unveil rolling stock and services for the first time at InnoTrans 2022

Stadler will once again have a considerable presence at InnoTrans, showcasing its wide range of rail products and services, with a focus on innovation, sustainability and green technology. Seven rail vehicles will be officially revealed and there will be two exhibition stands, with one about Signalling for the first time ever.

Designed for an increasingly digitalised railway and to help tackle climate change and population growth, Stadler’s portfolio on display will demonstrate its commitment to reliability, precision, efficiency and protecting the environment.

Rolling stock being unveiled for the first time will include the hydrogen-powered FLIRT H2 multiple-unit, the first hydrogen-powered train ever to be both made by Stadler and to run in the US. The FLIRT battery-powered multiple-unit for NAH.SH, Germany will also feature. In tests last year, it travelled more than 220km in battery-only mode, the longest distance on record and documented in the Guinness World Records book.

Others will be the CITYLINK and tri-mode FLIRT for Transport for Wales; the IPEMU for the Liverpool City Region, which will be the first of its type to operate in the UK; the latest generation TINA tram for HEAG Mobilo GmbH, Germany; and the New EURO9000 locomotive family for the European Loc Pool, Switzerland.

The exhibition stands will demonstrate Stadler’s extensive range of products and services clearly and in an engaging way. The main stand will provide an overview of the business, with in-depth information on key activities.