Informed Sources

Improving performance on the Western: GWR’s 165109 passes Didcot North Junction with the 11.06 Didcot Parkway to Oxford service on 22 August 2020.
Ken Brunt

■ Southern Region exploring ‘Technology for Operations’ 

■ NOS efficiency savings stalled

■ GW to pilot ‘crew & stock’ Luminate enhancement

Launched in 2009, Network Rail’s original Traffic Management System (TMS) procurement programme has spent the thick end of £150 million with contractors, plus, in all probability, the same again on supporting consultancy fees. This expenditure has bought two Traffic Management (TM) installations, both over budget, massively de-specified and years late. A third installation was commissioned, but remains offline, limited to checking each day’s downloaded timetable for conflict.

Since ‘Informed Sources’ has covered this slow-motion debacle in real time, I won’t go into the messy detail. But the contrast with the successful TM installations at Great Western’s Thames Valley Signalling Centre (TVSC) can’t go unremarked.

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