UP3 helps Southeastern speed up Delay Repay

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Javelin success: UP3 staff celebrate the go-live of the Southeastern contract.

Southeastern has selected UP3’s Rail Compensation product as its new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, speeding up the time it takes to handle compensation claims by streamlining back-office processes.

Known as ‘Javelin’ – also the brand name of Southeastern’s high-speed trains – the CRM is built on ServiceNow, the world’s leading digital workflow platform, and will offer Southeastern the performance, reliability and availability that will underpin its services for years to come.

Chrissy Heynes, Head of Customer Relations at Southeastern, said: ‘We’re always wanting to do more to improve the experience of customers who contact us, and we know this system will provide immediate benefits by improving our Delay Repay handling time, especially since we introduced Delay Repay 15 in September.

‘By redesigning and streamlining our processes onto Javelin and by taking advantage of all the rich functionality on the ServiceNow platform we’re able to process cases more effectively and efficiently, meaning our customers will get compensation payments more quickly.’

Southeastern is a UK train operating company operating rail passenger services for South East London, Kent and parts of East Sussex. With legacy systems previously used to support customer cases, Southeastern saw the value in digitising workflows to increase agility and provide a better customer experience. Southeastern selected UP3, a Premier ServiceNow partner specialising in the rail sector, to deliver its new CRM solution. UP3’s established rail solutions for Delay Repay Compensation, Fraud Detection & Prevention and Disruption Management are built on the ServiceNow platform with its single data model to drive efficiencies, insights, and above all, an enhanced customer experience.

Ruth Weatherall, Co-founder and Director of Operations at UP3 commented: ‘Before even formally engaging we were able to understand the problems Southeastern was facing with processing high case volumes while managing multiple service providers on separate systems. Our Rail Compensation product has been specifically designed to manage the entire process from case submission, through automatic validation, compensation approval and payment. We are delighted that Southeastern will benefit from our work in the rail industry that has resulted in a comprehensive and highly scalable solution.’

Chrissy Heynes is also looking forward to the improved access to better customer and case data this solution will offer her: ‘The powerful insights from the built-in reporting capability and dashboards mean we will be able to drive process improvements which will have a direct impact on how we handle customer cases. We will be able to spend less time on case administration and more time focused on our customers.’

UP3’s Rail Compensation solution utilises the flexibility of the ServiceNow platform, a leading digital workflow platform that is used by transport operators and across other industry sectors globally to automate a multitude of complex processes. Providing dashboards in relation to Office of Rail and Road compliance, supporting communications with an email and letter builder, and identifying the validity of claims using the journey validator functionality; the application comes with a level of automation that will allow Southeastern to significantly reduce case processing time, freeing up agents to deliver great customer service.

As they mark the initial success of this first go-live, in a rapidly changing and uncertain passenger transport environment, Southeastern and UP3 are excited about the possibilities that the solution provides to adapt to the changing needs of the rail business and its customers. As Southeastern navigates the new norm it will continue to strive for improvements that drive a better experience for all of their customers and partners.

To find out more about UP3’s work with Southeastern, or to better understand how you could utilise the world’s leading digital workflow platform to improve your businesses customer experience, check out UP3’s resources or get in touch.

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