Zonegreen protects Crown Point


ZONEGREEN IS equipping Norwich’s Crown Point depot with its latest personnel protection technology, as part of a £40 million upgrade. The Sheffield-based firm has just completed phase two of the installation, adding its flagship Depot Personnel Protection System (DPPS) to a third road in the refurbished facility.

Zonegreen’s engineers have most recently installed DPPS on road 14, which is housed in its own maintenance shed. Last year, Zonegreen installed DPPS on roads 16 and 17 at Crown Point, where it has been interlocked with gantry gates, to prevent access to new high-level maintenance areas until overhead lines have been isolated. Greater Anglia’s new Stadler trains have many serviceable components housed on the roof.

Once complete, DPPS will protect six roads at Crown Point, which is being extended and upgraded to cater for 58 new Stadler Flirt trains ordered by Greater Anglia. All work is being carried out whilst the depot remains operational.

Meanwhile, in an export contract, Zonegreen has installed a new push button warning system to three double-ended roads in Fairview depot, which is used to service Dublin Area Rapid Transit (DART) trains.