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Branch line revolution or one-day wonder?

Our columnist questions the longevity of the Restoring your Railway initiative

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The safety dance

The creation of Great British Railways is the opportunity to simplify the organisations called into existence by fragmentation, not least in the safety industry

Passenger traffic recovery - LNER shows the way

■ 20 points clear of next franchised long-distance TOC
■ ECML open access operators also recovered strongly
■ Greater freedom of action with OLR?

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Curzon Street transforms Birmingham

High Speed 2’s station in central Birmingham is set to transform the city’s rail architecture while recognising its history. ANDY RODEN examines the plan for this major architectural statement on Britain’s new railway

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Commonwealth Ambition

MALCOLM HOLMES, Executive Director at West Midlands Rail Executive, and DENISE WETTON, Central Route Director at Network Rail, tell PHILIP SHERRATT how this summer’s Commonwealth Games will be a major milestone in the region’s post-Covid recovery

Table-toppers improving

​Reliability growth in New Train TIN-watch is slow, but there are more graduates on the horizon

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Modern Railways February 2022

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TfW diesel Flirts may start on Rhymney line

First new Stadler train arrives in Cardiff

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Gosforth gets ready for new Metro fleet

The first phase of the rebuild of the Tyne and Wear Metro depot has been completed

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New Year, New Network

Following the resumption of regular services, what difference will the Dartmoor line make to the community in Okehampton?

IRP: time to shape the vision

How should the industry respond to the Integrated Rail Plan?

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Freight EMU operations poised for growth

RAIL OPERATIONS (UK) Ltd’s Orion subsidiary began rail freight services on 23 November, when the company’s first Wembley to Shieldmuir (Glasgow) run for Royal Mail was made.

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Reasons to be cheerful – part two

In the January 2009 issue I thought I would lighten the mood by listing the best things about the UK railway. Thirteen years on, it seems a good time to try that again

Process delays £4m fleet sanding pilot

■ Salisbury highlights lack of urgency
■ Dual Variable Rate Sander offers adhesion-agnostic braking
■ Four months spent haggling over Class 323 fitment contract
■ Earlier ScotRail bid rejected

ECML upgrade: DfT jumps the shark

◾ IRP forecasts imply London to Edinburgh 3hr 35min timing
◾ Other timings equally improbable
◾ Benefits of 140mph overstated
◾ Final infrastructure upgrades completed by 2037

Signalling – competition review hits market reality

◾ ETCS focused
◾ Siemens the dominant player
◾ Limited new entrants available to challenge incumbents
◾ Hitachi sweeps up alternative potential ETCS suppliers

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Rail is green - but do passengers care?

Transport Focus has investigated attitudes towards sustainable transport. Chief Executive ANTHONY SMITH questions whether simply being ‘green’ will be enough to persuade people out of their cars

North of England rails against disintegrated plan

Integrated Rail Plan lets down the North of England, says our columnist

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Trackwatch - January 2022

A digest of the main changes on Network Rail, London Underground and Northern Ireland Railways infrastructure during October 2021; compiled by Martyn Brailsford of the Branch Line Society (www.branchline.uk).

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Certainty needed for rolling stock market

Avoiding boom and bust is crucial

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MML wires may soon reach Wigston

TRANSPORT SECRETARY Grant Shapps announced investment of £249 million in the Midland main line on 18 November as he published the Integrated Rail Plan.

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Threat of ‘managed decline’ without TfL funding

Fleet replacements would be postponed and enhancements abandoned

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Modern Railways January 2022

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DfT outlines future role for operators

■ First PSC tendered next year – let in 2024
■ Includes responsibility for train procurement

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GCRE promises to be testing gamechanger

Progress is being made with the Welsh Government’s plans to build a world class rail testing centre at the Nant Helen surface mine and Onllwyn coal washery at the head of the Dulais and Tawe valleys, with around £80 million pledged of the approximately £200 million needed to build the facility.

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Half-term success for Staycation Express

Rail Charter Services reported good loadings on its tourist trains on the Settle and Carlisle line, which returned during the autumn half-term holiday at the end of October.

From little ‘Okes’ could mighty routes bloom?

Could the Okehampton reopening provide a template for other projects?

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A new generation of trains for the Piccadilly Line is now under construction. Siemens Director of Major Programmes DAVE HOOPER and TfL Programme Delivery Engineer SIMON FORD talk to ANDY RODEN about the challenges in designing and introducing them

Lineside vegetation must be tackled

Salisbury collision brings rail adhesion issues to the fore