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Published for 50 years, Modern Railways has earned its reputation in the industry as an established and highly respected railway journal. It is essential reading for professionals in the railway industry as well as individuals with a general interest in the state and developments of the British railway network.

Providing in-depth coverage for all aspects of the industry, from traction and rolling stock to signalling and infrastructure management, Modern Railways carries not only the latest news but also analysis of why those events are happening.

Modern Railways keeps its readers fully informed with detailed articles, informative features, and special issues throughout the year.

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Modern Railways July 2020

Welcome to Modern Railways July 2020

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Modern Railways June 2020

Welcome to Modern Railways June 2020

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Modern Railways May 2020

Welcome to Modern Railways May 2020

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Curzon Street transforms Birmingham

Andy Roden

High Speed 2’s station in central Birmingham is set to transform the city’s rail architecture while recognising its history. ANDY RODEN examines the plan for this major architectural statement on Britain’s new railway

Andy Roden
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Commonwealth Ambition


MALCOLM HOLMES, Executive Director at West Midlands Rail Executive, and DENISE WETTON, Central Route Director at Network Rail, tell PHILIP SHERRATT how this summer’s Commonwealth Games will be a major milestone in the region’s post-Covid recovery


Table-toppers improving


​Reliability growth in New Train TIN-watch is slow, but there are more graduates on the horizon

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Modern Railways February 2022

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Gosforth gets ready for new Metro fleet

The first phase of the rebuild of the Tyne and Wear Metro depot has been completed

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Freight EMU operations poised for growth

RAIL OPERATIONS (UK) Ltd’s Orion subsidiary began rail freight services on 23 November, when the company’s first Wembley to Shieldmuir (Glasgow) run for Royal Mail was made.

IRP: time to shape the vision

How should the industry respond to the Integrated Rail Plan?

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New Year, New Network

Vicki Pipe

Following the resumption of regular services, what difference will the Dartmoor line make to the community in Okehampton?

Vicki Pipe
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TfW diesel Flirts may start on Rhymney line

Rhodri Clark

First new Stadler train arrives in Cardiff

Rhodri Clark

Process delays £4m fleet sanding pilot


■ Salisbury highlights lack of urgency
■ Dual Variable Rate Sander offers adhesion-agnostic braking
■ Four months spent haggling over Class 323 fitment contract
■ Earlier ScotRail bid rejected


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