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Published for 50 years, Modern Railways has earned its reputation in the industry as an established and highly respected railway journal. It is essential reading for professionals in the railway industry as well as individuals with a general interest in the state and developments of the British railway network.

Providing in-depth coverage for all aspects of the industry, from traction and rolling stock to signalling and infrastructure management, Modern Railways carries not only the latest news but also analysis of why those events are happening.

Modern Railways keeps its readers fully informed with detailed articles, informative features, and special issues throughout the year.

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Modern Railways November 2020

Welcome to Modern Railways November 2020

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Modern Railways October 2020

Welcome to Modern Railways October 2020

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Modern Railways September 2020

Welcome to Modern Railways September 2020

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Electrification deception

Ian Walmsley

Discontinuous electrification is often suggested to reduce the cost of electrification – but only by people who know nothing about electrification

Ian Walmsley

800 Series – Hitachi’s remedial mods break cover


■ Substantial yaw damper arm mountings dwarf similar trains
■ Machined castings include bodyside stiffening
■ Alternative solutions reported on trial train

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Modern Railways March 2022

The full issue in page-turning PDF format

New HS2 fleet - short on detail


■ Train weight and seating claims confused
■ UK gauge ETR1000 likely
■ Mystery pantograph highlighted


Trackwatch - February 2022 issue

Martyn Brailsford

A digest of the main changes on Network Rail, London Underground and Northern Ireland Railways infrastructure during November 2021; compiled by Martyn Brailsford of the Branch Line Society (

Martyn Brailsford
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Goodbye to the ‘Y’… for now?

Dan Harvey

The Integrated Rail Plan curtailed HS2’s eastern leg to Leeds at East Midlands Parkway. But as DAN HARVEY explains, it might not be the end of ambitions for the full high-speed network

Dan Harvey
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Chiltern Railways - where it all began

We present an extract from a new book from the mastermind behind the Chiltern Railways revitalisation, ADRIAN SHOOTER – with a money-off offer for readers

Operators face ongoing new train woes


■ Alstom: Class 701 joins record lateness club
■ CAF: trams suffer weld failures
■ Hitachi: low availability compounds cracking issues
■ Stadler: passenger’s favourite tries maintainers

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Time to signal change


ALAN WILLIAMS challenges current disruptive and increasingly unaffordable methods of resignalling and suggests how lesser-used lines, and particularly single-track lines, might be cost-effectively signalled in the future


Daydream believers

Does the emphasis on railway reform mean we may lose focus on short-term challenges?

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