Latest news from the railway industry

Government launches £7.6m innovation competition

Up to £7.6 million of funding will be available in this year's First of a Kind innovation competition.

Women in Rail celebrates 10th anniversary

Women in Rail celebrated its 10th anniversary of promoting greater inclusiveness in the rail industry on 12 April.

UK Rail for Ukraine launches first aid train

A cross-industry partnership of volunteers has organised a train of supplies for Ukraine.

Industry 'in the dark' as RNEP delay passes 900 DAYS

It is now 900 days since the Government last updated the Rail Network Enhancements Pipeline, says the Railway Industry Association.

Class 80x cracks to be repaired at Eastleigh

The entire Class 80x fleet is to have cracks repaired at Arlington Fleet Services, Eastleigh.

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Opportunity charging option for Welsh tram-trains

Stadler tram-trains could in the future charge at stations, raising the possibility of on-street running.

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Waterside service could be restored in 2024

Hopes are growing that services could be restored to the Waterside line in 2024.

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Bank approaches testing phase

Test trains will run through the refurbished Bank station at Easter.

Piccadilly Line 2024 stock mock-up unveiled

Mayor calls for capital investment to secure TfL supply chain

ScotRail comes under public ownership

ScotRail is now owned and operated by the Scottish Government, which took over from Abellio on 1 April.