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Rail in Wales and the West

Rail in Wales and the West conference returns as a Virtual Conference. With the exciting plans in the new Wales and Borders franchise and continuing developments on the Western there is much to reflect on and look forward to.

Sponsored by: Porterbrook, Tracsis and Institution of Railway Operators

Golden Whistles with Sponsor

Golden Whistle Awards

The brainchild of Institution of Railway Operators luminary and now West Dorset MP Chris Loder, the Golden Whistles event was founded in 2010 to promote best practice and celebrate excellence in railway operations.

Sponsored by Tracsis

Golden Spanners 2020 Houghton

Golden Spanner Awards

The Golden Spanners is an annual event at which all those interested in railway rolling stock meet to discuss best practice and celebrate excellence in train maintenance.

Sponsored by Houghton International.

Rail in the North of England

Now established as an annual fixture, the Northern Rail Conference celebrates progress in the modernisation and improvement of the railways of the North of England.

Rail in the Midlands

It is an exciting time for Rail in the Midlands, with new franchises in place for both the East and West Midlands and new rolling stock on order, combined with infrastructure developments taking place across the region.

This year's Rail in the Midlands Conference takes place as part of Modern Railways RVE, bringing together two established events within the Modern Railways brand.

RVE Banner

RVE 2021

RVE is the original UK show specifically focused on Rail Vehicles and Enhancements.

Railway Innovation Awards

Founded in 1998, the Awards areĀ theĀ annual event at which everybody keen on seeing innovation in the railway sector meets up to discuss and celebrate the brightest ideas in the industry.

In partnership with the Railway Industry Association. Sponsored by Porterbrook