First GA ‘720’ delivered

The first Class 720 EMU for Greater Anglia was delivered from Bombardier’s Derby works to Ilford depot on the night of 13 January.

Five-car unit No 720509 becomes the first of 111 units to move on the main line network and to be delivered for on-network testing, although the Aventras have been undergoing testing at Old Dalby.

GA has ordered 111 Class 720 Aventra EMUs from Bombardier for suburban routes, comprising 89×5-car and 22×10-car sets, financed by Angel Trains. Bombardier has now built around one-third of the 665 carriages making up the ‘720’ fleet.

GA has said the first train is planned to be accepted for passenger service in March or April. The current plan is that the first ‘720s’ will operate on the Southend Victoria line, with five-car sets being delivered first but working in pairs as 10-car formations on peak services. The full fleet is due in service by spring 2021.