Bellrock and Angel improve monitoring

Scottish data analytics company Bellrock Technology is applying its expertise to improve the reliability of rolling stock in a ‘proof of value’ exercise with Angel Trains.

One project sought to improve the reliability of fault alerts of train doors, which sometimes when examined have no faults. Bellrock Technology’s system better interpreted data generated by door sensors, providing Angel with more insightful information about the door, enabling more accurate assessments of whether to take a train out of service.

Another project analysed the data generated from engines and wax-type thermostats for cooling systems. Through better interpretation of the data, it is hoped that issues regarding the components are more likely to be spotted, allowing early interventions and minimising the time trains are out of service. 

Both projects have used Bellrock Technology’s Lumen software.

Bellrock Technology Chief Executive Adam Brown said: ‘Bellrock Technology has extensive knowledge and world-class capabilities that help companies gain real value from their data. We have achieved this by removing the ‘pinch point’ that most businesses like Angel Trains experience – turning analytic innovations into operational, deployed, secure and robust systems that gleans full value from their data.’

Angel Trains Product Technology Manager Graham Dutton added: ‘The expertise of Bellrock Technology has been a huge asset to Angel Trains, creating tangible results for our rolling stock. We can now code and assess our assets ourselves over a shorter timescale, which has benefited us as a business.’