Claydon prepares for HS2

Preparing for HS2: looking north towards Claydon Junction on 22 January 2020, showing the area now given over to HS2 works. Phil Marsh
Phil Marsh

CONTROL OF the north end of the stub of the former Great Central’s London extension has moved from Claydon LNE Junction to a portacabin at the site of the former Waddesdon Manor station, south of Quainton Road. The line is used by freight trains destined for the waste tip at Calvert; north of the portacabin the line will operate as a siding, with the points at Calvert being worked by train crew. In order to make way for HS2 the sidings at Calvert are to be relocated from the west to the east side of the line and will be two miles further south, at Greatmoor. Recontrol is likely within a few years as the former Great Central route is earmarked for the return of passenger services under the East West Rail project, with an hourly service from Aylesbury to Milton Keynes pencilled in for 2025. The new Claydon loop planned under remodelling of the area for HS2 is significantly longer than the current loop, with the east end at Claydon East Junction being almost at the former Claydon station, some three-quarters of a mile further east than where the former loop ended. Campaigners are requesting provision of a station on EWR at Claydon; this could provide a service for staff at the adjacent HS2 depot.