DB Cargo stands down electric locos due to cost concerns

DB Cargo has stood down its fleet of Class 90 electric locomotives in favour of diesels due to the high cost of traction electricity. The active fleet is not being disposed of at present, although the operator says it will ‘keep a watchful eye’ on the cost of electricity.

Describing the move as a ‘bold decision’, DBC says the move is due to ‘the cost of running and maintaining this fleet given the extraordinary economic pressures facing our sector’. The operator says it will use the decision as ‘a platform for greater engagement on affordability and availability of biofuels, which can be used in our existing, fully operational diesel fleet of locomotives to lower carbon emissions and operate more sustainably’.

DB Cargo owns 24 Class 90s, of which 12 have latterly been in active use. DBC says it will look at disposal options for the ‘90s’ which ‘have been in cold store for a very long time’ – although it says this is not linked to the cost of traction electricity and is part of its ongoing fleet review and investment process.