Oxford capacity scheme moves to next stage

The next stage of development work to increase capacity at Oxford station will take place following the award of £69 million from the Department for Transport.

Oxford station will gain a new island platform on the west side of the station to increase capacity for new services such as East West Rail. A key aim of the project is to increase freight capacity with up to an extra 12 trains per day on the strategic corridor to and from Southampton. Three high-speed crossovers at Oxford North Junction allied to two level crossing closures north of Oxford will cut Oxford-Birmingham journey times by up to two minutes. 

A new western entrance to the station next to Botley Road will be designed to improve accessibility to passengers living on the west of the station, and Botley Road bridge will be replaced and the road lowered to accommodate double-decker buses underneath. A four-metre-wide cycleway and footpath will be installed on each side of the road.