Pay as You Go for South Wales

TfW Nos 231003/005 stand on test at Cardiff Central on 26 July 2022. Philip Sherratt

Contactless payments are now available for passengers travelling between Cardiff Central, Newport and Pontyclun in a pilot scheme launched by Transport for Wales.

The body’s plans include expanding the scheme to cover 95 stations, with the Ebbw Vale line next to receive the system.

Passengers can use debit or credit cards in addition to compatible smart devices at ticket barriers or platform validators, and TfW claims fares will ‘typically be cheaper than current fares’. They will be capped at daily and weekly levels. 

A dedicated online dashboard on the TfW application will allow passengers to add missing ‘taps’ in addition to other features. Passenger should use a physical payment card for their first journey, after which they can use cards or smart devices.

  • Separately, TfW announced that rail fares will rise by 4.9% in March – the same level as for unregulated fares in England. The rise will, it says, help it to continue be able to make investments and meet rising costs.