Porterbrook to electrify Long Marston

An aerial view of Lond Marston Rail Innovation Centre. Courtesy Porterbrook

Porterbrook is to electrify its Long Marston Rail Innovation Centre, which will have the ability to test trains at up to 50mph.

Electrification, which is due to be completed at the end of 2025, will take Porterbrook’s investment in the site to £75 million since 2021.

Chief Executive Mary Grant said: ‘With the future of Long Marston now confirmed we’ve wasted no time starting the next phase of the site improvements to reinforce our commitment to being a long-term partner for the rail industry.
‘Substantial replacement of life-expired vehicles is needed over the next decade, and the track upgrades mean that we can deliver the best level of service with our manufacturing partners to provide a full turnkey solution for new rolling stock entering service.’

The facility will also support ETCS signalling and have compatibility with other forms of traction.