Blackpool Trams extension to open on 12 June

Trams at Blackpool's new termins at Blackpool North. Courtesy Blackpool Council

Blackpool Tram’s £23.4 million, 600-metre-long extension to Blackpool North is due to open on 12 June, with the light rail system serving the National Rail station for the first time since 1963.

The extension diverges from the main route via a double-track junction at North Pier, with testing starting in late April. It was initially envisaged to open in summer 2019, delays to construction of a Holiday Inn hotel on which the programme depended have led to a five-year hiatus. The first trams ran on the extension as early as March 2022.

Announcing the opening date, Blackpool Council Director of Communications and Regeneration Alan Cavill said: ‘he extension to the tramway is an important piece in the council’s commitment to create a modern and integrated transport network across Blackpool which is important for both residents and visitors. It will make it easier for people to get to work, places of interest and carryout our everyday lives. The tramway extension will also enable everyone to travel more easily across town but also across the North West and further afield in a quicker more efficient way.’

A competition to win 10 pairs of tickets for the first passenger tram on the route is being held, with winners also receiving a celebration brunch and a goody bag.