EXPO INNOVATION – Camira’s fabric digital print technology

In a year in which the global company celebrates its 200-year anniversary in transport textiles, Camira has signalled its commitment to remaining at the forefront of the industry with the introduction of the innovative Camira Print. 

Complementing the manufacturer’s weaving capabilities, the launch expands its offering to encompass digital printing – providing customers with huge flexibility and freedom when choosing the optimal textile for their rail interior. 

Removing many of the design constraints associated with traditional woven textiles, Camira Print fabrics can be created without restrictions on pattern repeats, scale, or colour, as well as significantly reducing lead times and minimum order quantities. With a variety of design options, customers have the flexibility to create something entirely new - working with Camira’s in-house design studio to develop a totally bespoke creation. 

Ciara Crossan, Transport Creative Manager at Camira, explains: ‘There is truly no limit to what is possible with Camira Print – customers can create immersive advertising campaigns, recreate photographs, go as big as they like in terms of scale, as bold as they like in terms of colour – this technology really removes limits on so much of what is restricted at the moment.’

Each Camira Print creation is applied to a lightweight moquette fabric – the construction on which Camira’s heritage is built. With a velour finish, the textile has been created exclusively for digital print and is woven from naturally sustainable wool to deliver saturated colour and comfort. 

Meeting the industry’s key technical performance standards, Camira Print textiles achieve the flammability regulation EN 45545. Indicating high durability, the newly launched textile capability also has an abrasion performance of over 100,000 rubs.