FURTHER CONTRACTS have been awarded as part of Network Rail’s renewals and enhancements framework for Control Period 6.

Within the Scotland and North East (SNE) area, Bam Nuttall has been awarded a framework deal valued at £320 million. The deal covers a wide range of projects, including replacing and refurbishing structures and delivering improvements at stations.

In addition, two Geotech framework deals have been awarded to Story Contracting (London North East, £47 million) and QTS (Scotland, £100 million). These cover upgrade and renewal of embankments, cuttings, natural slope, approach earthworks, tunnel portals, drainage and formation.

Story had already been awarded a £135 million deal covering renewals and enhancements work in Scotland, while a third framework contract for renewals and enhancements valued at £190 million was awarded to AmcoGiffen for London North East. The awards complete the procurement activity for Scotland and North East. All contracts will run for five years, with optional two-year extensions on the Geotech framework.

NR’s Infrastructure Projects arm organises itself into four regional areas, the others being Central, Southern, and Western and Wales.


Meanwhile, NR has announced preferred bidders for CP6 track and rail systems alliance contracts, covering track, points, overhead lines and signalling. The track and rail systems alliances have been awarded to Colas Rail and Aecom in the South, and to Babcock Rail, Arup and Arcadis in Scotland. These deals are subject to contract terms being finalised and agreed.

The contracts are for an initial five-year period with the option of a further five-year extension.

NR has divided the deal into three geographically-focused alliances comprising designers and construction suppliers: North (Scotland Route), Central (London North Western and London North Eastern and East Midlands Routes) and South (Anglia, South East, Wessex, Western and Wales Routes). A preferred bidder for the Central alliance is yet to be announced