THE FIRST batch of new tank wagons for lease to British Airways by VTG has arrived in the UK.

Built by Greenbriar in Poland, the wagons will be used to deliver fuel to Heathrow Airport. Fully compliant with aviation regulations, they will be bottom loaded at the refinery and have a vapour recovery system to eliminate any escape of vapours during loading. VTG also says they are fitted with track-friendly, low noise bogies for quieter operation, offering reduced maintenance downtime and lower track access charges.

Meanwhile, the acquisition of fellow wagon leasing company Nacco by VTG has been approved. The takeover has been ratified by both Germany’s Federal Cartel Office and the Austrian antitrust court. VTG announced in July 2017 it planned to acquire all shares in CIT Rail Holdings, the owner of the Nacco Group, which has a fleet of around 14,000 wagons. VTG has said it will sell around 30% of the Nacco business it acquires to third parties in advance of the deal.