NOMAD DIGITAL has extended a partnership with Network Rail for the provision of rail infrastructure maintenance data for a further year.

NR’s Network Measurement fleet surveys rail lines regularly to monitor track condition, and Nomad’s on-board connectivity server enables engineers to access raw data picture files which they can monitor to identify any concerns with the track, using plain line pattern recognition technology.

On the trains, four 3D cameras and two thermal imaging cameras scan the track as it passes beneath, with raw images then relayed to a database system enabling NR staff to spot any issues. Nomad says its on-board technology supports the filtering and prioritisation of data so that staff can spot issues more quickly and resolve them. Data is then decoded using machine vision software, synchronised with real-time positioning system and geometry data, and analysed by an on-train inspector. Reports are then dispatched to the teams on the ground, helping them accurately locate any faults found.