New Train TIN-Watch sees ‘707s’ overtaking Pacers

Not much to report this month. A reader took me to task for including the continuing test running of the Full Length Unit (FLU) Crossrail stock. This is inevitably going to be more reliable than the Reduced Length Units (RLU) operating in the hurly burly of daily service.

Wimbledon depot is working hard on the Siemens Class 707 Desiro Cities and has not only passed the TIN-Watch Pacer test (Northern Class 142: 9,051 MTIN MAA) but is better than the worst Class 465 Networker and has broken through the 10,000 MTIN MAA barrier.

Great Western’s more powerful Class 802 Hitachi bi-mode fleet has made its debut in TIN-Watch, vaulting over the Intercity Express Programme Class 800 units. I had also been hoping to see ScotRail’s Hitachi Class 385 EMUs in this month’s table, but at the time of going to press the six units in service had been grounded because of brake issues.

Meanwhile the ‘countdown to compliance’ continues with 433 days to go before any passenger vehicles that do not meet accessibility regulations must be withdrawn, or, as seems increasingly likely, will require a derogation

Something old, something new: Class 802s pass the 103-year old mechanical 36-lever signal box at Liskeard on a foggy 4 October 2018. John Vaughan