Informed Sources

With Roger Ford

Lumo ‘803s’ leap into the lead

New entrant to New Train TIN-watch goes straight to the top

800 Series – Hitachi’s remedial mods break cover

■ Substantial yaw damper arm mountings dwarf similar trains
■ Machined castings include bodyside stiffening
■ Alternative solutions reported on trial train

New HS2 fleet - short on detail

■ Train weight and seating claims confused
■ UK gauge ETR1000 likely
■ Mystery pantograph highlighted

Operators face ongoing new train woes

■ Alstom: Class 701 joins record lateness club
■ CAF: trams suffer weld failures
■ Hitachi: low availability compounds cracking issues
■ Stadler: passenger’s favourite tries maintainers

Passenger traffic recovery - LNER shows the way

■ 20 points clear of next franchised long-distance TOC
■ ECML open access operators also recovered strongly
■ Greater freedom of action with OLR?

Table-toppers improving

​Reliability growth in New Train TIN-watch is slow, but there are more graduates on the horizon

Process delays £4m fleet sanding pilot

■ Salisbury highlights lack of urgency
■ Dual Variable Rate Sander offers adhesion-agnostic braking
■ Four months spent haggling over Class 323 fitment contract
■ Earlier ScotRail bid rejected

ECML upgrade: DfT jumps the shark

◾ IRP forecasts imply London to Edinburgh 3hr 35min timing
◾ Other timings equally improbable
◾ Benefits of 140mph overstated
◾ Final infrastructure upgrades completed by 2037

Signalling – competition review hits market reality

◾ ETCS focused
◾ Siemens the dominant player
◾ Limited new entrants available to challenge incumbents
◾ Hitachi sweeps up alternative potential ETCS suppliers

DfT outlines future role for operators

■ First PSC tendered next year – let in 2024
■ Includes responsibility for train procurement