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With Roger Ford

Can we afford to demonise the diesel?

■ No immediate CO 2 reduction from hydrogen 
■ Uncertain electrification programme blocks DMU cascade
■ Government 2040 withdrawal date ‘an ambition’
■ Synthetic fuel offers carbon neutral diesel traction

Out with the old

There’s a new reliability measure in this month’s New Train TIN-watch

Rolling stock cracks crisis: update

Roger Ford provides an update on the issues with underframe cracks on Hitachi 800 Series trains

Informed Sources: TOCs' Erma Challenge

Hold 'em, fold 'em or walk away?...

Informed Sources: Six-monthly progress report

New Train TIN-watch takes a longer-term view...

Informed Sources: Constraints needed for accident investigation closures

Welcome to Informed Sources November 2020...

Informed Sources: Carmont highlights climate change impact

Informed Sources October 2020...

Informed Sources: Slow reliability growth frustrating

Informed Sources October 2020


Traction electronics have been around for longer than you might think...

Bathtub curves calculated

Hitachi’s Class 385 is a model of reliability growth...